Austin Sun

I am a Computer Science and Anthropology student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. My interests include Human-Computer Interaction, software engineering, cognitive science, experience research, and sustainability.

I'm from the Bay Area, where I spent much of my life. I love both learning and teaching the game of basketball, writing, biking, cooking, and traveling. I am hugely grateful for all the special pieces and experiences in my life and am excited to see what life has in store in the future. One of my favorite quotes is, “Our life is like a land journey, too even and easy and dull over long distances across the plains, too hard and painful up the steep grades; but, on the summits of the mountain, you have a magnificent view--and feel exalted--and your eyes are full of happy tears--and you want to sing--and wish you had wings! And then--you can't stay there, but must continue your journey--you begin climbing down the other side, so busy with your footholds that your summit experience is forgotten.”

My Projects